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Erika lily
Artist | Student | Other
Mood:LIKE A BOSS :iconlikeabossplz: ,U Mad Bro? :icontrollfaceplz: ,dat ass :icondatassplz: , dkeal whit it :icondealwithitplz: and a little bit sad or maybe so sad
Years:17 (when I was 16 can't believe that the Dr. It was confused because I look like 15 years put he looks at me info and I have 16 I think that me doctor it's a little bit crazy)
Birthday:January 13
Hello there me name is Erika and aim not a great artist put yes aim great for songs that's why I have so much bands and musical artist i love wearing hats just like me creeper hat put I have a very hard life me sister lotus shiro say to mom and dad that me brother haves to go to some concourse and he tell to me brother that he needs to go whit us for our granny put he lives in chihuahua (Mexico) then me family except me they forgot me and they have a crash plane I was really sad I was crying to louder me sister was punch me every time then I was have no money me sister say to the people of there that I was hate all of them put that's not true kids and parents was launching me rocks so then when I came back they put me house on fire I was crying and at the next year wen I was have 10 I construct a house the kids was launching me rocks and I was having a broken heart,no family,no food,scared and a broken hand I just thinking that there's a god I just said him that if he can't help me and then happens I play me guitar in a bus and much people was giving me money and I was impress that I have a talent it was singing and do songs whit me guitar so I was have enough money for buy what I want and at the 15 for real I was having talent and ignored me sis I just hate her because she steal money for a mom and things from a poor little baby she was angry when I say her that if we sing together we can't win more money so my life stills look like that
Aim asking for family if you don't may you can't be in me DA family sister or brother or daughter ok
If you wanna know more how did I touch guitar is impossible that I just did it alone at me 6 or 7 years so
I think I have whit me pink guitar 9 or 10 no wait I remember me dad shows me how to touch guitar a little at me 3 years dat problem some people was so surprised that they don't ever know that I touch guitar at me 3 years and singing and mostly talent ARE TO MUCH FOR TELL >_< well just like okay maybe 13 years touching guitar I did just mathematic I just hate that from school 3 - 16=13 years touching guitar and singing hehe okay well I just have school PUT ITS VACATIONS MI GOD I CANT BELIVE and I have a band and mostly me band doesn't have name put here are
Sorry if you're a brony and you're not on me flock it's because I don't have much time and it's to large I can't do more so next time I will do the other so please don't get angry or something thank you
People who I really miss and wanted to come back
(Already there's no one)
People who really needs really respect god and understand:
No one don't worry if youre christian yes or not youre always welcome to me page ^^w^


2place-:icongermanflagplz:: 2place-:icondenmarkflagplz:

:iconicelandflagplz:-1place :iconfinlandplz:-3place :iconswedenplz:-2place :iconalandplz: -2place :iconnorwayflagplz:-2place :iconamericaplz:-2place
:iconenglandflagplz: -2place :iconjapanflagplz: -2place*just because I watch naruto and naruto shipuden and hetalia and bleach and even vampire Rosario--*cant remember is this is the correct name of it and chihiro*i think that's the name of an anime movie a have* and ponyo o-o god to many animes*
:iconcanadaflagplz: -2place*hes even cute when his in hetalia*
Another germany that it goes whit Indiana jones:-100place*for me his very mean and horrible*


Journal History

((hi guys!! This is a story for entertainment and also it's has ponies,drama,anime,sometimes feels? Put if you liked the story  you can share this in any other accounts you have like wattpad,tumblr,archiveofourown(....i don't know how its called),facebook,etc. So the others can like it to put also if you really want to animate it you can do it to....put there's only one thing before you ask me to make this story animated:
1-i don't do avanced animation
2-i will only do the editing the story (you know like adding the narrator and you know*not so expert at english*)
3-i may has well send you the desings of the characters how they're going to be their cutie marks and personality in deviantart cause it's the only account that i have and I'm sorry about it also if you ask for backgrounds I'm not has good has you think i am
4-and I'm really really sorry that you may say "you're not helping that much" put it's  just that I'm a poor girl who haves not so suficient money that only wastes it on food,water,pencils(artistic),colors,style pens(i don't know how to say it on english) and paper and i work so hard for it that i don't even have tjme to draw cause i need to take care of my daugther!! So please accept it even if i know how much hard you will work and i know it alot because i was an animator before put  i cancel my own little cartoon before i had my youtube account all because i didn't have time and I'm poor and i was working on it i apologize for all this mess and if you accept this offert i will say "ARAISE MA SON ARAISE!!!!CAUSE THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MA LIFE!!!!"
Aaaaaaaaaand that's all for the animator so i may go with ya guys
1-when you share please advice me before you share it
2-when you copy all of this please make sure to put these rules to
3-please do NOT STEAL cause i will report ya(how? If you don't have any other account just only DA "I HAVE FRUNDS WHO HALP MA SALF TO RAPORT YA WITH DEIR ACCUNTS!")
4-i know that the 3 it says to not steal put you won't share for sure if I'm saying that put 'don't ya worry ma san' at the final of this and the story you must put my name or my account or a link to my account
5-and also you can put a compliment if you don't have deviantart account at the final of the story with your name or your account and i may see it
6-if you didn't like the story that much cause it needs something; you can do the same option of the 5 rule and i may amke it better has well to those who really hate it i won't change it not for 1000 dollars....
Welp this is the end of the instructions so let's continue))
Principal:nasind(nordic game),momosuke,denzia(denmark mare,scandinavia*do you got any better name for her please?*),clarity
Secondary:village ponies,princess angelica,prince daniel
Existed characters(belong to Funanimation(can be hidekaz himaruya):hetalia and 2p hetalia(may be mentioned)
(and i don't know what to put has who belongs in 2p hetalia)
Antagonist(villan):dark maretan
Kingdom of peace:A life to remember
100 years ago there was a mysterious land full of nature and it was visited by inhabitants from the world...angelica princess of goodness and daniel prince of darkness visited the land and ever agree to make a kingdom;it was told that princess angelica saw that the land already had ponies on,pegasus and unicorns put they hated each other leaving the civilisation to never be in harmony once the habitants of the land saw the princess and the prince came to the first village it was the earth village a poor village with no chance to have food water or a great shelter just only a cave that was surrounded by snow and bears...the earth ponies didn't know what to do just only go out side with the dagerous food to get.Princess angelica told to the earth ponies to follow her lead so they can live in harmony or peace and they can build a new colony we're all earth can have what they ever dream.Put daniel disagree he said 'has much of humanity less the life of the others to be in the land' he meant that if only earth ponies we're the one to be cared the others shouldn't be in the land...prince daniel only gave the question of existence of the others to her dear bride the one who's in charge to make the community go in balance no matter the harm or their differences it was only humanity or democracy that she could know to do.
Princess angelica decided to go with the other civilisation that was near it the sky.
The pegasus civilisation was a hard civilization with any material avaible for war and able to control the weather of the world and also a moderate technology that may be sufficient for the others;their houses made of rare material that can float in the sky and can be in the clouds.they we're already ruled by some one put the pegasus know that only alicorns or prince can be in charge of any civilisation;princess angelica was infront of the castle of the pegasus that was in charge to take care of the civilisation has they enter they saw a pegasus with red eyes,white coat and blue hair her name was glitter clouds and she was the only in charge of any pegasus put she never saw an alicorn before just only one that her shadow was ever seen put never saw completely who she was...has glitter saw the princess and prince she demanded a meeting of all pegasus around the clouds,all the civilisation saw the princess and the prince they we're surprised that not only their civilisation and the others had seen more alicorns they we're even more interesed about angelica and her power to manage community or humanity and democracy has a balance put they never care about prince daniel they left him alone by himself and it only remembered to him of how much he betrayed his family that they never wanted for him to marry the princess of goodness each other families hated each other because they wanted one land full of only themselves put since daniel saw angelica daniel never wanted to be part of his family anymore telling them that their loyalty between him and his father and brother was over.angelica did the same with her family only let the both of her a d his husband rule together alone in the land that they we're now.
Meanwhile angelica was being so separated of his husband now that the pegasus we're just only interested on her and angelica couldn't resist the loneliness of his husband that she interrupted the meeting and canceled it only lefting the pegasus with surprised eyes and fear that she was angry just for her own husband after that the pegasus knew their mistake  and apologize the princess by ever telling their plan to invade all the civilisation of the others to gain power and new land to have.princess angelica and prince daniel disagree with their plan of ever making war and disaster around the world...from there the pegasus ever felt that the alicorns was just a joke or a simple kids story they felted awful and betrayed by them.the pegasus attacked the princess and the prince by just feeling such an anger...princess angelica couldn't attack and she can't cause she didn't wanted any pegasus to be hurted instead of that she protected herself and her husband from there they both falled from the clouds put angelica flied with his husband to another place full of magic during the fly prince daniel was angry and sad that only female princess can fly and he questioned his own magic of why such powerful magic yet no more for himself to his broken dreams remembering how he wanted to fly and how his father ever punished him from being different from her mother thinking that the mother and the dad fight for just one having wings...put daniel never wanted to fight angelica cause she loves her and she loves him and love was the only thing that brought them together to this even if it was their fault to bretray their families and live alone

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